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Diamond Realty Developers originated back in 2005 and has been developing extraordinary residential and commercial properties ever since.

We have gained valuable experience in different areas of the industry, from single-family homes and townhouses all the way to midrise commercial buildings. Our goal has always been to establish a new vision for the neighbourhoods in which we operate and improve the standard of living. Our company has a unique approach to financial aspects of development which qualifies us to take on outstanding projects.

Image by Aman Kumar

DRD also pays close attention to the design and quality of its projects in order to produce exquisite and everlasting properties. The diverse roots of this company give its properties the ability to match different tastes in a multicultural city like Toronto and be appealing to everyone.

Real estate is always the most profitable investment but also the most perilous and intricate one. DRD offers unique and unmatched investment opportunities that are analyzed and studied wisely by professionals to ensure safe and appealing returns.

Toronto is among the elite cities of the world but has yet to be fully developed. We have been taking a part in its progress by helping our charming city reach new heights of magnificence so that it can compete with the most developed cities in the world.

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